Engagermate Review and Proof it Works

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Hi I’m Phil Henderson and as you can see here we’ve got “chompersuperbunny” instagram and this is a screen-grab I did yesterday.

If you look down here you can see the 1st May 2019.
so this is when I first started using the software.

And you can see it’s got 335 followers.
So let’s just come out of that.

And here we are live now on chompersuperbunny if I scroll down you can see it says the 2nd May 2019, so it’s Thursday the 2nd May that’s today.

422 followers, let’s just do a refresh.

Still 422 but as you can see we are getting more likes as well if you look at the likes we’ve had throughout the day you can see 2 minutes ago, 11 minutes ago, 25 minutes ago, 40 minutes ago etc.

You can see all of these people all within today, 3 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours

All of these people coming across and liking, liking the images.

You can see 63 likes, 68 likes and comments as well, but also the increase in followers as well for “chompersuperbunny”.

This our pet rabbit and this is me here with my pet rabbit having breakfast.

So if you’re interested in your rabbits then you can go and check out “chompersuperbunny”

So that’s great lets do another refresh just in case we’ve got another follower just now.

So 422, I’ll come back to that in a moment

So the tool I’m using is a tool called engagermate

this is it here, engagermate.

so when you login, you come in …. login

so when you login, you can see here this is little bit different stats compared to what’s actually on here 422 against that.

but what I’ll do is walk you through this.

so as you can see I’ve got one account live at the moment, this is just a fun account I’ve got with chompers.

we are doing a beginners speed because we’ve just started this yesterday and the account is running green.

so what I can do is I can choose the hastags that I want. These are the do-not follows that I want to use if I doin’t want to follow certain users

and I can create messages, direct messages when people follow me, I can create them as well which is quite handy

I can choose my hashtags, select range and also if I click on on my hashtags, what I can do is I can find out which ones have been the most popular.

so bunniesofinstagram 54 likes, bunnies_realm not somuch, bunnygram, bunnylove, bunnystagram, housebunny, bunny_of_week, cute rabbits, etc.

and you can see the ones that have the higher likes and the higher follows, so what that means is you can actually delete these ones who have the least follows and the least likes.

so that shows you the sort of volume you can get and it shows you the best hashtags that you should use for your instagram, instagram profile.

teh next thing to do is to look at reports and stats.

so these are the people that’s just followed me today, you can see all this here.

these are the different users that followed me

these are the different likes that followed me and I can actually see which picture they’ve liked as well

and then what I’ve got here is this graph and the graph just shows you how quick this has grown from 335 up to 364 its says on here but if I go back to chomper and refresh again you can see we’ve got 422 and this fluctuates sometimes it goes down a little bit then it comes back up

but basically what we’ve done is we’ve gone from 335 followers which is down here and we’ve gone up to 419

an what you can also do is increase your instagram accounts so you can add more accounts into here

you can also buy extra accounts

and you can use this software to run accounts for your customers so think about doing some social media management for them using this tool

it is within line within instagram, it’s within their terms and services

Luke McGuire who created this software has been doing a lot of work with instagram over the years and this software is within line of their terms and services

you also have tutorials here and the tutorials actually show you how to set all of this up

and again you’ve got your optimiser which I showed you before which is your hashtags.

what I can do I can do it by hashtag, I can choose by an account so I can start looking at the accounts so let’s just see what that comes back and see where I’m getting most of these users from

bunnie_realm 24 followers, bunnymama 51, so I can see from there using this certain accounts

what I can do as well is do a place as well

and a place is if you are doing something like a restaurant or a pub or if you want to target someone in a certain location you could use that to find that as well

but that shows you the sort of performance that we’ve got

this is off the hashtags as you can see

and all you do is you come in, you set your hashtags

so I came in here and I said I want to follow based on these hashtags

and I also want people to like based on these same ones, I just copied them down

and I can target people so who are the recent followers of these other profiles, that’s the sort of profiles I want to check

And also I want to follow people who like these photos as well

so basically what I’m doing is I’m following fans of these pages and the fans are coming back liking my photographs and following my profile

so you can see we’ve increased our follower account from 1050 to 1255 which is not a massive increase but still and increase, and as you can see we’ve just increased another follower there now

and we’ve got some more likes just as we’ve been on the chat here by another 26 likes

so this software is really powerful

it’s 100% automated

once you’ve set it you just forget it, leave it and in fact you shouldn’t actually come in here and doing anything at all

just let it run, let it run it’s course and it will increase the followers for you and also increase the likes on your page

that ones just increased, and that one as well

so you can see how many likes I’m getting

now this is just a fun page for our rabbit

we haven’t even started looking at our commercial pages or are pages where we are going to monetise, but if you can think about how quick we’ve built up that what could you do with a popular niche

say the fashion niche, or in a marketing niche or something like that where you want to monetise your instagram account

so it’s a fantastic tool

There’s a link below this video and if you click that link then you’ll be able to access to this software and all the bonuses.

there’s a lot of bonuses in there as well which you’ll find once you click through

so I’ve been Phil

I hope you enjoyed that and whatever you do if you’re into or really serious about your instagram

then there is no other choice than to grab this as soon as possible before the price increase,

thanks for now, bye bye

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