Is Retail Arbitrage Dead?

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Is Retail Arbitrage dead? Absolutely NOT! 
And with the ever increasing number software automation tools we are seeing and ever increasing number of people jumping on this fun and profitable business model.

Hi I’m Phil Henderson, 

I’ve been doing both retail arbitrage and digital services arbitrage for well over eight years now. 

During this time there have been numerous attempts to automate the process of not only listing products on eBay and fulfilling the sales from other suppliers such as Amazon.

But also automating the monitoring and repricing of items to ensure you’re not losing money.

Over the past two years or so we have witnessed some pretty amazing software  and tools arriving on the market.

And those that were already available becoming even more function rich and POWERFUL.

The great thing about this is it’s a very competitive space and the creators of these tool have to keep up with their competition. 

On the flip-side.

You must do your due diligence when considering using and investing in any of these automation tools. 

Also, although these tool take away a LOT of manual intervention when it comes to listing your items and monitoring any price variance. 

Do not make the mistake of thinking you’re going to become a millionaire over night on automatic pilot. 

YES these tools work.

However, you must work too if YOU want to see impressive results. 

What is retail arbitrage?

You might be saying to yourself. 

“Why’s he going on about automation tools when he hasn’t even told me what retail arbitrage is?” 

I’m glad you asked. 

I have clients who invested in my Stupidly Simple Arbitrage course back in 2014 and 2015. 

Many of these clients wanted to move away from manually creating their listings.

They were also frustrated they had to monitor their purchase prices of their listed items manually. 

A “few” of these clients jumped straight into these automated tools and lost a pretty penny! 

Some had their Amazon and eBay account’s closed. 

They we’re simply too hasty and let’s be honest… 


So before you rush off researching these tools. 

Let me explain Retail Arbitrage in layman’s terms. 

I’ll also let you know about a FREE resource I’ll be revealing in the coming weeks to ensure you have more chance of success. 

Retail Arbitrage is where you simply become the middle-person between your buyer and your supplier. 

Done right.

You will never have to see any stock, handle any stock or have to ship any items yourself.

The most basic model of this is…

Amazon to eBay.

You list items for sale on eBay and when your buyer buys, you order from Amazon and have the items shipped direct to your eBay customer. 

Thanks to the advancement of online shopping, we’re no longer restricted to shipping only from Amazon.

In the USA for example you can ship from the likes of Walmart, Costco, Kmart, Home Depot and Sears.

This means there are literally millions of items you can sell.

What’s more, you KNOW people are buying these products now.

We’re not having to create something new that nobody might want.

Here’s something that always confuses me.

“Why aren’t more and more people using this method when it is such and easy way to make money with practically ZERO up front costs?” 

I’ve shown thousands of people how to do this over the years.

Many even had success and then stopped doing it! 

That’s  crazy to me.

Why would you want to stop doing something that is making you money?

The ONLY answer I can think of is laziness. 

Oh and I know this may all look too good to be true. 

Which is why I’m creating a definitive guide on Retail Arbitrage called Stupidly Simple CA$H. 

I’ve called it that because it really is the most Stupidly Simple way to make money online.

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To your success!