The TRUE Monthly Cost Of Shopify!

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Like many, I’m hooked on the prospects and opportunities eCom can offer the everyday person to change their lives.

Also, like many, I’m conscious of just how much upfront investment is required to get started.

I’m fortunate to have set aside enough funds to invest in my business; however, that doesn’t mean I’m willing to simply “splash-the-cash” without due diligence.

Hi I’m Phil Henderson and up until today I had a MASSIVE dilemma.

You see, I only have three days left of my Shopify trial left and something was holding me back from pulling the trigger and going all in with the platform.

So, I began working out my potential monthly costs to run my soon to be launched supplement business on Shopify.

The figure blew me away.

I’d have to invest around $450 per month by the time I added all of the plugins and chosen theme to my preferred monthly plan.

That’s a WHOPPING $5,760 per year it would cost just to keep my “store” running!

I’d considered using WooCommerce; however, that looked a much more complex setup and again I’d need to invest in themes and plugins.

They say things happen for a reason…

And that seems to be the case here.

I received a notification from one of my friends inviting me to check out GrooveKart.

I’ll be upfront here…

At first, I wasn’t convinced.

However, I decided to check it out with an open mind and much more focus on the WHOLE package.


I’m glad I did.

Once I had invested and pressed PAY, I received a chain of email instructions that walked me through each step.

They also instructed me on what I should do next and also how to find the training materials and how to navigate around the members dashboard.

I only signed-up about an hour ago so I haven’t set my store up as yet as I’d rather take my time and follow the instructions to the letter.

I mentioned training…

There’s extensive support videos and more in the pipeline.

From what I’ve seen so far and the reports I’ve read from others.

I’ve made a great choice!

Of course, I suggest you check this out for yourself.

I’ve a link here that you can follow.

Also, if you have any comments or questions then please feel free to ask me.

Oh, one last thing.

Their GRAND OPENING ends soon. At the time of me shooting this video, the 50% off and all of the OTHER bonuses will be removed in ….

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