Why I’ve Returned To Online Marketing!

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The truth is, I’ve never really been away from the industry, I have just been behind the scenes quietly working on things I’ve always done and also testing NEW methods, systems and tools to help me and my clients make money online.

Hi Phil here, 
As you may know, I recently joined Dean Holland and Craig Crawford’s 
Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge 

Joining this 5 week online course was a no-brainer!

I’ve personally known dean Holland since 2009 and over the years we’ve attended several events together and remained friends ever since. 

Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge Review
Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge Review

Tale Of Two Marketers

However, here’s the tale of two marketers.

One marketer released several products that received amazing feedback, taught proven methods and actually changed people’s live’s through the successes they enjoyed. 

He later fell out of love with the industry after watching a race to the bottom by some “unscrupulous” marketers who were no better than modern day snake-oil salesmen! 

It was the unethical tactics used by these pond-life that massively impacted the Internet Marketing industry. 

Marketer one did not want to be associated with any of these people again. 

The market he once enjoyed serving had become even more cynical, jaded and doubly cautious as they had had been ripped off by others in the past.

Others who simply didn’t care about their customers, they simply chased the dollar. 

Marketer one stepped away from the industry. 

On the flip side, marketer two decided to do something completely different. 

He increased his prices to filter out any of those buyers who had become “refund junkies”.

He created a range of products, courses and PRIVATE membership groups that offered TRUE value. 

These courses didn’t come cheap. 

However, marketer two had worked out a way to offer maximum value, distinguish himself from these parasites and provide exceptional value. 

Marketer one is currently a six figure earner, whilst marketer two is now a multi-millionaire! 

As you’ve probably already guessed, Dean Holland is marketer two and I’m marketer one.

So unlike the usual rags to riches stories. 

You know the … 

I was sleeping on my sisters couch pigging out on pizza, cheap beer and daytime TV broker than humpty dumpty after yet another fall off that wall. blah blah blah

*usual BS from some marketers.

Rich To Richer and Back to Rich Again!

I’m always grateful that I’ve been able to enjoy a good lifestyle.

This was mainly from my six figure per year (£’s) “day-job” consulting.

However, as I have been marketing online since the late 1990’s, I had already worked out WHAT I needed to do to make money. 

For me the REAL breakthrough came when I created my first course, Stupidly Simple SEO. 

Sure I’d had some good successes over the years prior to this, I’m talking regular 10k plus months, sometimes even more.

However, things went up a notch or eight when I launched my Stupidly Simple course on Clickbank!

I was blown away by the overnight success. 

We went from zero to 22,000 subscribers in less than 14 days!

Not all of these had purchased the full product at $97; however, I now had 22,000 people to serve. 

Unfortunately, in hindsight, I should have served many of these better. 

Some; however, are still my clients and friends to this day. 

Many have gone on to forge amazing careers online.

Some are now household names in their chosen area of focus. 


There’s an excellent book called Start With WHY by Simon Sinek (highly recommended)

The key takeaway from his book is… 

Do you know your company’s “why”? (Hint: It’s not to make money.) Think about the core purpose of your business, and then think about how you market your products or services. Are they aligned?  Having loyal customers is all about attracting the people who share your fundamental beliefs. Remember: People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

Simon Sinek

I my case, I had lost sight of my WHY and that is “why” I fell out of love with the industry. 

Fortunately, I still have a Facebook group and the members in there have become great friends. 

They also spur me on to release my findings, the methods I personally test and use to create online income streams. 

This has been a fantastic sounding board for me. 

Today, I’ve rediscovered my WHY.

To serve others to the best of my ability, sharing and teaching proven methods in a Stupidly Simple way that ANYONE can follow to become successful online.


I also live by a daily mantra these days… 

I expand in abundance, success and love every day as I inspire others to do the same

Money ALWAYS Follows Value

The truth is, apart from in a dictionary… 

…Money Always Follows Value

So my GOAL’s are simple… 

And the equation is even simpler

PM + V = $$$$

Proven Methods PLUS Value Equals MONEY. 

If you remember this simple formula in everything you do online and ALWAYS remember you are helping PEOPLE not simply banking dollars, then there will be no stopping you! 

My duty now is to create Stupidly Simple step-by-step training and share these with as many people as possible. 

As one of my mentors once told me…

If you KNOW your methods can change the lives of others why should you selfishly keep these to yourself?

I remember the sickly feeling in my guts when he said this to me.

The thought that I could potentially change lives and yet had decided NOT to help people really did make me feel sick.

What right did I have to deprive others? 

So that’s why you’re now reading this.

I’m no longer prepared to keep my methods to myself. 

I will be releasing a NEW course, Stupidly Simple CASH in a few weeks time. 

And to ensure I can help as many people as possible finally make a great living online. 

I’ll be releasing various levels of the course from a 100% free version to teach people the basics and then on to intermediate and more advanced levels. 

Each level will provide step-by-step training that WILL deliver results for my students.

I know this as we’re seeing the results from others already 🙂 

I’d love to help YOU become one of my next success stories, so please bookmark this site, like my Facebook page, leave a comment or better still…

… join our Facebook group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/stupidlysimplemarketing/

I look forward to working alongside you

To your success