Why SMART marketing tricks are making us stupid!

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Why SMART marketing tricks are making us stupid!

 A few months back a certain article headline on a UK based TV Broadcasting site caught my eye…

“Is my smartphone making me stupid?”

So, I grabbed a coffee and settled down to read the article in more detail.

Two minutes in and that’s when I slapped myself around the head.

“People are struggling online BECAUSE they are trying to get SMART before they learn the basics!”

Could you imagine a 3-year-old kid pulling the training wheels off their first bike and attempting to do a wheelie, jump over a few of their kindergarten friends or attempt a 180?

“People are struggling online BECAUSE they are trying to get SMART before they learn the basics!”

It’s crazy thought right.

However, it’s what I’m seeing more and more in the Online Marketing niche day by day.

I see folks who haven’t even identified their avatar, their perfect customer profile, let alone have a compelling offer to open up any kind or marketing dialogue with…


Feel inclined to throw good money at learning “advanced” marketing techniques, invest in crazy technology that they don’t fully understand (chatbots anyone) and wonder why they are failing.

The facts are obvious…

“People are failing from TOO many distractions and failing to first learn the basics of online success!”

Hi, I’m Phil Henderson, I’ve been marketing online for over 15 years during which I’ve made multi-six figures, spent (invested) tens of thousands of dollars on “stuff”, had massive successes and experienced some HUGE failures.

I’ve been fortunate to learn the BASICS from some amazing marketers over the years and continue to “sharpen my axe” by revisiting courses from way back when.

These courses have been responsible for the success of some of the top 5% of all online marketers and “probably” the success of many who have been exposed to the “basics” from others without even knowing.

I’m not going to list out ALL of these “Old Skool” courses in this post; however, one course prompted me to write this article to you.

“The 12- Month Millionaire” by Vincent James.

I invested in this course back in 2005.

It’s a wire bound manuscript almost 3 inches thick of single side printed gold-dust!

It was also one of the catalysts for the major success of one of today’s most influential and wealthy online marketers, Russell Brunson. (more on this later).

This course laid out the exact steps for creating a profitable Direct Response business.

This was pre-internet marketing boom; however, that doesn’t prevent the savvy marketer from adapting many of these methods in their digital marketing activities.

The KEY takeaways.

  • Know your audience
  • Know your numbers
  • Know the LCV – Lifetime Customer Value
  • Become a student of marketing (create swipe files)
  • Create an irresistible offer
  • Testimonials and endorsements
  • Copywriting
  • Test and test some more

Here’s the thing…

Hand on heart

How many of the above do you have fully nailed down?

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the facts.

We’re often focused on the WRONG things and too wrapped up in the BUSYNESS to work effectively on our business.

It’s never too late.

However, only YOU can decide if you’re going to continue to do things as you’ve always done them or if you’re going to accept responsibility and go right back to basics.

Basics that will ensure you build your business on a solid foundation on which you can build and scale.

“No spoon feeding here”.

I’m not here to spoon feed you with all the resources or step-by-step methods.

After all, only YOU can choose what you’re willing to invest  your time on.

Here’s the thing.

In less than 30 days from now YOU could flip your fortunes on their head and be well on your way to achieving all that you wish.

All it takes is for you to be honest with yourself and ask yourself …

“is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to my goals?”

If the answer is anything less than a resounding YES then you’re going to go through 2019 exactly the way you went through 2018.

I said I wouldn’t spoon feed you

However, I can’t sit by and watch you struggle either.


If all you do over the next thirty days is to REALLY FOCUS on the following “two things”, I guarantee you will add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to your income next year.

So, this is what you NEED to do.

  1. Know your audience – How can you possibly expect to sell anything to anyone with out first identifying your “avatar”, their daily concerns, fears, worries, wants and needs?
    Are they male or female, what age are they, where do they live, what do they do for an income, what does their family life consist of, are they married, have kids, how much income do they bring in each year, what’s their main hobby, what“other” hobbies may they have, what’s their passions, their desires?
    BIG TIP!
    Give your avatar a TRUE identity and speak to that ONE person in everything you do online.
    Example: Jennifer is a 32-year-old nursing assistant, she recently returned to work following the birth of her second child Daniel. Jennifer lives with her husband David and their daughter Megan in a three-bedroom apartment. The place is getting crowded and they are looking to make money from a side-income, so they can buy a house in a neighbourhood they like near to better schools for the kids. Jennifer drives a 10-year-old Toyota which has seen better days and she worries daily that today might be the day something mechanical will go wrong and they’ll need to find money from somewhere to cover the unexpected bills. David drives a company car; however, things aren’t so great with his job just now and he’s feeling very stressed about the whole situation, so much so it’s beginning to put a strain on their relationship.
    Both David and Jennifer “hope” they can weather the storm over the comings months as things have been tight since the birth of Daniel. In fact, it’s been over five years since they had a vacation and even date nights are a distant memory…etc etc

    Can you see the POWER of this?

    Once you have a “picture” of your ideal prospect, you can speak direct to them as if they were your best friend and HELP them make the decisions that are right for them.

    Homework: Google and YouTube “how to identify your ideal avatar”. Really learn how to zero in on your audience and you’ll soon see a dramatic increase in your sales. Remember, speak to them and treat them as if they are your best friends or even family members.
  2. Create an irresistible offer – No I don’t simply mean create something or find something to sell.
    Your “initial” offer should be designed to get your NEW audience to “know, like and LOVE” you.
    This can ONLY be done by providing true value.
    This is where NOVICES fail time and time again.

They go straight for the sale.
Provide value in the form of FREE content that can genuinely help, for example,a cheat sheet, article, video training, anything that will help.
The FACT is the MORE VALUE you provide up-front and for FREE the more your audience will get to know, like and trust you and the more chance you will of converting them from prospects into customers in the future.
Again, this ONE thing separates the Pro’s from the Poor’s!
Sure it’s additional work and it takes a bit longer to see the income come in;however, it is the BEST way for creating a sustainable income long-term.
“Short term thinking will only get you short terms results!”

Look- only you can decide what will happen over the next 30 days, you’re either going to be 30 days older facing the same struggles or you’re going to be a more educated, savvy marketer who has invested their time into becoming a much better, more efficient and more successful version of themselves.

Oh, and before you ask or suggest…

I have NOTHING for sale here.

My 1-on-1 mentorship is fully booked for the whole of 2019

I’m NOT releasing any training courses in the coming months

My ONLY motive for this blog post is to help YOU finally break through any barriers you may have had to success.

I truly wish for you to take a step back and focus only on the two things above for the next 30 days.

Because I KNOW, if you do, you will enjoy so much more success in 2019.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times in this post.

Only YOU can decide.

Well, Susana and I are about to dress our tree so I’m going to switch off for the night.

I truly hope this post has inspired you and I look forward to hearing of your new-found success in 2019!

Please leave a comment or ask your questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them and to help you make 2019 your BEST YEAR YET!

As always…

Keep On Keeping On!

To YOUR Success

Phil Henderson